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Cast Metal House Number Signs

These house number signs are made at the foundry. They are made from a heavy casting alloy that does not rust or corrode.

Each number is cast individually using a traditional sand casting process. Molten metal is poured into the mould. After cooling, it is broken open and the sign removed. After being cleaned, primed and stove enamelled, the number is hand painted.

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Cast Metal House Number Sign

Your Choices

Background Colours - Black, White, Blue, Green or Red

Letter Colour
Letter colour is usually white except for white signs which have black letters. Gold leaf is also available @ extra cost

Fixing Holes - Holes are be drilled in the most suitable positions unless requested to the contrary - i.e. holes for fixing to a vertical post or hanging the sign.


The size is 6" at the widest point

Styles A - H

Styles J & K

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